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Hi Meryll, been meaning to get in touch. We've found ourselves able to head down much more this year to Ocean Grove, so we were planning to take it off the rental market. Sorry we should have let you know earlier, though things have changed quickly. Thanks for all your help over the years you have looked after the house for us. Regards Matt and Lisa, 15/1/21

Hi Meryll,

Thanks for your e-mail. Just a short note to say thank you for looking after our property over the last number of years and the service you have provided to Kerry and myself. Especially appreciate your focus on making sure we have had good tenants that have looked after our home. As we have recently sold our home we will no longer be requiring the services of BGHR. Thanks again – Kerry and I wish you all the best! Kind regards as always Dr Jonathan L. 9/06/20

Dear Meryll,
Just letting you know that we have sold our Dare St. property. Thankyou for all your help renting our property. I wish you all the best for the future. We will definitely get in touch with you if we stay in Ocean Grove. Kind Regards, Ian & Judi 27/05/20

Meryll, thank you very much for all the work you & your crew have put in & also all the hidden extras that has helped us with the unit over the years, without that it would have been so much harder. Once again thank you.

Jan & Bruce, 15th April 2018

Hi Meryll, on a personal note I would like to thank you and Andrew for the great service you have provided in the last 9 years, you are both real professionals. Thanks heaps, Gavin. Stella Villa. 2-2-18

Thank you Meryll,

We have been extremely happy dealing with you and your staff. We are planning to move permanently to Ocean Grove and extend the house there. Thanks again.

Thanks May 26/7/16

Hi Meryll,

I want to thank you for being the best & most efficient agent of the 3 agents I've had. It has also always been a pleasure doing business with you! I have resigned from my full time role, this should leave me to be able to enjoy being the renter of places managed by BG Holiday Rentals rather than the owner!

Thanks Meryll, Anne 10/3/16

Hi Meryll,

You and Andrew do such a great job I would be happy to increase your commission, it's been very easy to own the property whilst you've managed it and looked after the maintenance etc,

All the best Peter 3-9-2012

Hi Meryll,

It looks like we now have family signed up for the property from 1 February 2012, as we find we are not using it enough to enjoy. Thanks for a great and hassle-free 5 years - you and the team have been amazing and you have a wonderful team of cleaners and tradies too. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for holiday letting agents in the area.

With kind regards, Louise & Glenn 1-12-2011

Hi Meryll,

Hope you are well!

We wanted to reconfirm the 100% availability of our house at Golf Links Road and thank you again for your amazing service. We just think you guys do an incredible job and we are really grateful. Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to make our house easier for you to manage.

All the very best from Jenny, 15/5/11

Dear Meryll,

That’s great! The house is set up to go now so anyone who arrives in the meantime (off the cuff) could go in immediately. (Beach House on Sunset)

Thanks for your great work.

Regards, Alan and Natalie 15-1-10

Hi Meryll,

I wanted to thank you and Andrew for looking after Ocean Dunes so well and for your professional management, as well as your kindness and the advice you have given me over the years.

Kind regards, Allison 21/12/09

Hello Meryll,

I just wished to let you know that I have been lucky enough to secure a holiday house on the other side of the bay so won't be pursuing these options. Your service was excellent though and next time I will try and get in much earlier.

Thanks again, Lucy 31-10-09


You are wonder woman!

Great news. We are so happy with all the bookings.

Alan 28-7-09

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for all your great work, the statements are terrific very easy to follow and just what I want for the tax man.

Brett, 15-07-09

Hi Andrew & Meryll

Re BGHR rental statements - I am very impressed - well done! Thanks & best wishes for the holidays.

Cheers, Matthew 22-06-09

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the great accounts, very easy to follow, just send me one after Easter and at end of year for my tax. Thanks for attending to all those little jobs that come up at the unit.

Its lovely to arrive and find we can hop into bed right away and its all ready for us if we want to come down.

Dean 5/1/09

Hi Andrew and Meryll,

Everything ran so smoothly over summer I can’t believe it. Great to have the 3 month rental again for some of winter. The unit was so clean and neat when we arrived back from overseas.

Thanks for all your help - Dermott 3/3/09

Meryll and Andrew

Thanks again for the booking. We will ensure that the power and hot water is on for this weekends booking. Your team is doing a great job finding rentals for us.

The family have requested a little more access to the house before the end of the warm weather. Thanks again for your tremendous work in finding us bookings.

Andrew, 19/2/09

Meryll and Andrew,

Thanks for looking after the house for us over the past 5 years....we have decided to sell the house and build a unit. We have appreciated greatly your efforts in keeping the place ready for guests (and us) it is always a great place to stay!!!! - Even for owners.

Thanks....Peter - 10/10/08

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for helping with great contractors for some work we needed doing on the unit. Hong the Electrician was fantastic and very helpful, there the same day and finished everything we wanted.

Thanks also for the follow up with the other small jobs, the painting looks great. We really appreciate how well you look after the house for us.

Ta Andrew - 9/5/09

Hi Meryll, I love you.

Thanks for all the help with the house, and the bookings.

We are very happy with your service.

Ben - 30/4/09

Hi Meryll,

Since we started to use Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals, you have certainly delivered a far superior product than you took over from XXXXXX's Real estate, and Anne and I have enjoyed the professional way in which you have conducted your business. The type of clientele that you have attracted to our apartment, and booked have been exceptional.

Well done.
Regards, Gary and Anne 8-1-09

Hi Meryll,

Thanks for listing our house on Sunday, booked for 6 weeks by Wednesday, on
website by Friday.

No Worries - thanks for making it so simple..... Alex 3-12-08

Hi Meryll,

Just to also let you know that the cleaners do a fantastic job....VERY impressed once again.


Deb 17-1-09

Hi Meryll,

I assume that all the hectic Christmas period is now over that you can sit back and relax a little.

This is the first Christmas that we have let our house through yourself and we are very pleased with the result. Thank you.

Regards, Bruce 9-4-09

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